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Is there a need for local loos?

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The problem was detailed by Lynne Shearer recently regarding "human waste".

Public Toilets in Garve

Do the community think that public toilets should be available in the centre of Garve?  We could liaise with Scotrail to see if they would be willing have them at the Railway Station - handy for train passengers and passing traffic.
Promoting the NC500 is very well but it requires infrastructrue.


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Louise Urquhart said:

There is definitely a need for public toilets and facilities for campervans to dispose their waste properly. 

Public toilets that you are charged to use will help with the upkeep. 

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Susan Gray said:

Garve would be an ideal place for toilets to be used by the public. The amount of traffic that came to Lochluichart Station looking for a toilet and then having to disappear behind the dilapidated shed, squat in the bracken or cross the track to the loch. Not a pleasant sight.

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Lynne Shearer said:

I think considering the car park at the station in Garve is a good idea. There is a good amount of space for parking and would avoid people coming into the village. Would we need to consider reducing speed limits further as you could end up with traffic stopped on the road as they're waiting to turn in? I also wonder, if there is scope to develop the car park, whether an electric car charging point could be provided? - helps promote and demonstrate the communities energy credentials. I also agree that someone would need to be employed to clean and maintain the toilets and surrounding area and bins would need to be emptied by the council. A lot to think about. 

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