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We are looking at setting up a fun, but co-ordinated, group of volunteers to work together in picking litter in the area on a regular basis.

Come and join our new group

If you love the area we live in, and value the beauty around you, then we want your help!  Many of us already collect rubbish when out for walks. So let’s pull together and preserve our stunning scenery and wildlife. With lockdown about to be eased again, it is highly likely we will see a significant increase in littering, and we want to try and keep our lovely area lovely!

We are open to ideas and need people on the group who know the area well. We are looking to apply for a micro grant to help fund equipment such as Hi-vis vest, litter pickers, black refuse sacks etc, but we need to establish interest first, and also numbers on the proposed group. We will look to coordinate through a WhatsApp group, and we can meet on Zoom initially to agree best ways to work.

Support your local community and join the Litter Busters, please feel free to phone mon on: -

Mob: 07899 905735

or hit the Contact Us button and Tina will forward you contact details on.

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Louise Urquhart said:

Could we get the school involved.. donate some pick up tools and maybe they could do a wee walk with the kids around the village or down the avenue  

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