Highland Council Visitor Management Plan

What have the Council got planned for 2021?

Post in Business and Tourism by Tina Hartley
Malcom Macleod takes us through the Highland Council's response to visitor management for 2021

Check out the video below

On behalf of our residents, The Garve & District Development Company responded to the Highland Council's draft Tourism Plan earlier this year.  Take a look how the Highland Council plans to tackle tourism issues moving forward.
The video below covers a number of items and you will be able to listen to Malcolm from around 9.41 minutes onwards.
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John Bedwell said:

A perhaps understandable focus here on tourist 'hotspots' within the Highlands, but hopefully, an opportunity to put the HCs call for 'partnerships' to the test by pressing for discussion on the feedback we gave them in December?

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Pamela Morrison said:

Yes, John., that was something  I had hoped to see and asked for at  the time.  I am trying to weigh up which Posts to focus on for  best results. I will listen with care to the ZOOM  on 31st. March  and decide where the overlaps are, funding  and  focus- wise.

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