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Uisdean steps down from local groups

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Sue Tarr
Uisdean Menzies, a well known member of our community has decided to step down from a number of his community volunteer roles.

Moving forward with Lochluichart Community Trust

The Garve & District Development Company were sad to hear of Uisdean's resignation as Director.  He was one of the founder members and he will be greatly missed.  He brought a wealth of community knowledge to the Board and an enthusiasm for community development.
He also steps down from his roles as Chair of Garve Public Hall and Friends of Garve War Memorial handing the mantle over to Alan Ross and Sheree Grant.
Uisdean says, there have been some concerns about my ability to effectively Chair LCT given my other voluntary commitments within the community.  I have therefore decided to step down to allow me to concentrate on working with the LCT Board in support of other community groups to ensure Garve and District's Community Development Plan moves forward.  I want LCT members to be confident in my commitment to the trust.
The Staff and Board of The Garve & District Development Company look forward to working with Uisdean and the LCT board and staff in the months to come.


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Ewen Moir said:

We have been residents for many years here, and wasnt aware uisdean was chair of Lct as well voluntary commitments  to the community 

Will pay our respects and wish you well in your future.

Will the "out of the blue" buisness still be taking place in the village ?



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Sheree Grant said:

Can now see from the malicious comments made in the LCT survey why Uisdean has decided to resign from various committees, it is disappointing that people who are interested in the community feel they have to step down because of this type of behavior. Lets hope the people making the comments now step up and participate in the community instead of hiding behind anonymous comments.

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