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TG&DDC AGM 2020 - a bit different this year!

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Sheila Mitchell
The Development Company held their AGM on Thursday, 24 September 2020, via Zoom due to ongoing pandemic restrictions. Just a shame we couldn't see you all in person!

Delighted to see 20 members zoom in

The board and staff were a little aprehensive about how our on-line event would go but we had no need to worry at all - internet connections were stable and a massive thank you goes out to the 20 members who zoomed in to support us.
Whist waiting for the meeting to start, we were all treated to a lovely presentation of Garve and District youngsters' artwork which covered all ages, some wonderful pictures shared as part of the recent "Get Creative" project co-ordinated by Morven our Activitate Garve & District Co-ordinator and funded by LCT.
Sue, our Chair, opened the meeting, welcomed all present and we got down to business: -
  • Previous minutes were approved - attached.
  • Company accounts were approved - attached.
  • Changes to our Memorandum and Articles were approved - attached.
  • 4 Directors were appointed.

The Zoom polling feature worked well and it just took a little extra time to capture votes of those memebers sharing the same device, but all acheived without any problems. John our Treasuer shared some detailed information regarding company finances asking if members had any queries - there were none.  Tina went on to share a pre-recorded video from Sue which detailed her report (even the midges did not distract her) - this worked really well and you can view the video below.

The meeting was opened up for the board and staff to answer any questions or concerns members might have about the work of the company and its financial management - no questions were asked or concerns raised.  Great to know you are all happy with what we do for the benefit of the community.

See attached, draft AGM minutes including Chair's report and our Treasurer's Report.

Once again, a big thank you to those of you who attended we look forward to moving forward your priorities for the benefit of your community during 2020/2021.

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