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Post in Community Energy by Phil Moore
Please put your Community Energy Grant application form in the post by Sat 28th November 2020 to meet the deadline of 2nd December 2020 and benefit from this generous grant

Energy Grant of £300

Your forms will have arrived in the post a few weeks ago. If you have lost your grant application and survey we can arrange another copy for you. Get in touch with us here contact us

This is the fourth year the grant has been available to help with annual energy costs for resident households. The cost of living and energy prices have risen over the last 4 years and we are delighted the grant for 2020 has increased to £300 to reflect this. 

What you need to do:

  1. Complete the application form accurately
  2. Complete the very short survey (optional)
  3. Enclose in the stamped addressed envelope provided
  4. Pop in the post by no later than Saturday 28th November to arrive with us by the deadline of 2nd December 2020.
  5. Approved applications will receive payment into their bank account by the 14th December or before

All applications must be received by the deadline of Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

Thanks to LCT for funding the grant.

There is a very brief 5 question survey included in the envelope. It really does help the Energy Group focus on what we should do to help the community lower their heating costs and keep warm. The return of a completed survey would be very much appreciated, however the survey is optional.

A Big Thankyou to all of you who have already completed the surveys. We do appreciate it and it helps us get it right for the community. Please share this post and help us pass the word on to all residents in Garve & District.

Also!  Check out the information on the Warmer Homes Discount Scheme you may be elegible for the scheme if you meet certain criteria.

If you have any queries about the grant please use the contact details provided on the application form.

Thank you to everyone that has already returned their completed application and survey.



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