Pot Holes

How to report potholes

Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley

Lots of community residents are reporting the problem with the road leading from the A835 down to Wyvis Natural Playpark and Wades Bridge

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wrong way sign

Report issue to Google Maps

Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley

Google Maps directions currently send visitors through Garve village when travelling from Inverness and beyond to Wades Bridge and Wyvis Natural Playpark

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Radiator Stat

Community Oil Buying Club Reminder

Post in Community Energy by Ewan Bush

Please place your orders before the end of this month via the email address below.

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Webinar for keen cyclists

Post in Community by Yvonne Boa

Love to Ride is a free online community platform which supports individuals, clubs & advocacy groups, and workplaces to cycle for more often, more confidently, and longer term.

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hands crossed and text

Need assistance?

Post in Community Care by Tina Hartley

A new community grant is available to support those residents of Gave and District who find themselves living in difficult circumstances

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Art Class for Adults

Post in Community Groups & Events by Morven MacDonald

Thursday 15th April 7-8pm we have a fully funded taster session via Zoom for Garve & District residents. Great news! Now we need your bookings to make it happen.

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Light bulbs swinging

Results of the Community Energy Survey

Post in Community Energy by John Fenwick

Here are the results of the additional information ‘optional’ survey which was included with the application form for the Community Energy Grant 2020

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