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Is anyone else getting sick to the back teeth (to put it politely) of people using our outside spaces as public toilets?!

A 'picnic pee', as my dear Granny used to say, is one thing but.... (well it doesn't need spelled out!) 

What can we do?  

Can we get signage installed to direct people to the toilet at Silverbridge? (assuming it is operational), signage to say 'this is not a public toilet!'?  

Could we get a wee toilet installed similar to what they have at Achilty? (that's a great facility though I do appreciate it needs someone to keep it that way). 

Are there litter bins required at the car parks for "other" litter? (assuming the council would empty them). 

It's a desperate situation seeing the amount of waste people leave behind and expect others to clean up after them. 

Does anyone have any other ideas about what can be done?

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Helen Forteith said:

100% agree we well my hubby I wretch has picked up used toilet roll over lockdown on quite a few walks up silverbridge it's not pleasant

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Gail Grant said:

Agree with comments more signage directing people to Silverbridge toilets would be good. This year has been particularly bad around Little Garve.

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Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Absolutely agree;- dirty campers / lack of facilities throughout the Highlands are an issue.

Some visitors in campervans are emptying their chemical toilets anywhere they see fit. I appreciate this year these issues have been compounded by the pandemic and fewer places – campsites / pitches have been able to open. It is still inexcusable behaviour for those that follow and find!

This year has also seen the public toilets at Silverbridge out of action for a considerable period, some visitors opted to use the area to the rear of the building as a toilet.  After a few months the area was cleared;- the pandemic had reduced Highland Council staffing levels.
'Wild Camping' around Little Garve / Wyvis Playpark is just that - wild / savage! The fact that there is neither a toilet nor a littler bin has not prevented visitors from using the area as a toilet / litter bin. Local walkers in the area are picking up after dirty visitors.... Grim at times!

Arguably it could be of benefit to our community / environment to look at costing a motorhome / caravan WC emptying point. - perhaps at Silver Bridge Toilets and perhaps revisit the idea of having at WC of some sort and a bin beside the playpark. Afterall it is no use making a dash for Sliver Bridge WC with little folks only to find them closed! 

Visitor parking is also an issue. This summer has seen a HUGE influx of traffic / vehicles parked inappropriately particularly in and around Wyvis Playpark, Ben Wyvis car park, Little Garve Bridge and Silver Bridge. Visitors love the area yet  are leaving a mess and creating a nuisance for those living there – the facilities intended as a benefit are negatively impacting too, could we make some tweaks  to improve things?
Thanks for reading, Sadie

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Pamela Morrison said:

It  might be useful to find out more about the regulations around  the hiring of and conditions of returning hired  vehicles/ campervans etc.to the companies that hire them out. I suspect they have to be returned fully cleaned  and possibly fuelled.The companies profiting from this increased tourist trade could perhaps help provide more conveniences and practical solutions at their already commercialised sites. That might promote respect for our own rural doorsteps and beautiful environment.

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