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Post in Community Care by Tina Hartley
TG&DDC, with funding support from LCT, have some great news. We can now offer the Alliance Electrostatic Cleaning System for community hire.

What are the benefits to the community?

Using less than 2% of the Covid19 Community Benefit Grant, the Development Company has invested in equipment and products that can be used safely to treat and protect any size and type of area against the spread of bacterial and viral infections.  Our research was based on finding a process that would:
  • Be time efficient.
  • effective against the coronavirus;
  • use products that were safe to store and apply in all environments; and
  • not leave toxic odours and chemicals in treated areas.

You said:

We want safe access to community buildings

We are therefore working closely with Garve Public Hall, Lochluichart Community Hall and Achnasheen Village Hall looking to support them to re-open when safe to do so.

But in the meantime, the Alliance Electrostatic Cleaning System is available for community hire.  The equipment and the approved cleaning/sanitising agents are made available to any group or member of the Garve and District community who would wish to 
protect their home or business from the potential of spreading this pandemic within and beyond our community. 
We have prepared a simple, cost effective ‘Hire Agreement’ which makes this ecological ‘System of Cleaning’ (increasingly being used in schools, care homes, public buildings, hotels, ambulance and public transport services across Scotland and the UK) available to our community.


woman covid19 cleaning
Kingsmill and Ness Hotels 

To learn more about this ‘System of Cleaning’, the cost of hire and how and where it can be used, please seethe file attachment or Contact Us

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