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Community Oil Buying Club Reminder

Post in Community Energy by Ewan Bush
Please place your orders before the end of this month via the email address below.

How does it work?

Established by two members of the Garve and District Community Energy Group in May 2019, this is how it works:-

Four times a year;

1st November

1st February

1st May

1st August

We contact the various oil distributors for a quote for the total amount for everyone ordering. We pass on your details to the cheapest that day for delivery a few days later, and you pay the oil company directly.

What does it cost?

This is a free service to residents. We don’t get anything extra for giving up our time to organise this except the same price oil for us if we order for ourselves (and we don’t order for ourselves every time).

How do I know it’ll be cheaper than ordering myself?

By ordering in bulk we will always get a cheaper price than ordering individually. The oil companies will give us a better price for a 15,000 litre order than a 500 litre.

Will you confirm the price before you order?

Quite frankly, no. Since we’re doing this for free, we do it such a way to minimise our time (but still get a better price), and we’re not chasing you to see if you’re ok with us saving you money.

What if I miss your deadline?

We send the email around 10 days before the order date so that you have plenty of time to check your oil supply and let us know your oil requirements.

What's the minimum order?

500 litres - oil companies limit, not ours.

How do I contact you?

Email us at garveoilclub@gmail.com - just be aware this email isn’t monitored all the time, just around order times.

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