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Results of the Community Energy Survey

Post in Community Energy by John Fenwick
Here are the results of the additional information ‘optional’ survey which was included with the application form for the Community Energy Grant 2020

Overwhelming support for the use of community benefit funds!

The Energy Grant was paid out to 146 households. Thank you to the 71 households of those that applied, for sparing a couple of minutes to complete and return the survey.

(Tick under ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as applicable) YES NO
If you’ve had a Home Energy report, do you need any additional help from the Energy Officer to get your energy improvements underway? 6 54

(Tick under ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as applicable)
Should the Community Benefit Funds be made available to support Home Energy Efficiency where: YES NO
Households are eligible for Government grants and loans but need a ‘top up’ to make the work needed financially viable? 66 2
Households could benefit from Home Efficiency measures (or renewable energy heating systems) but are not eligible for existing Gov’t Grants or Loans 57 8

(Tick under ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as applicable) YES NO
Are you generally supportive of / interested in the ‘Net Zero Carbon’ targets set for Scotland and across the UK? 63 6

Would you like to see more information about this (from the GDCE) with examples of what other communities are doing?

51 13

The survey results show that there is overwhelming support in the community that Community Benefit Funds be used to support households installing the home energy efficiency measures identified in the Home Energy Scotland home energy reports.

The Energy Group are now working with Ewan Bush, our Community Energy Officer and with the Development Company to design a grant that will enable you to do this. Once this is done we will apply to LCT for funds to support the grant. Of course, many of you had these surveys a good while back and decided not to proceed because of the costs involved and coping with the process of seeking funds to support your improvements. If we secure the community funding, Ewan will be able to help you through all of this - that’s his job and he’s keen to get on with it.

So watch out for news of the LCT application. If all goes to plan, those of you who answered NO to the first question might reconsider.

Garve and District Community Energy Group.


Questions & Comments

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Marion Taylor said:

Maybe the resounding No vote  54 -6 in question one tells a story that this post is unjustified and the feeling in the community to the need of an Energy Officer being funded by the LCT

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Marion 

Thanks for your comment, hope you and yours are keeping safe and well.

The Energy Officer's post is currently 100% funded by Scottish Government’s Investment in Communities Fund (external funding).  In moving forward, the Community Development Plan’s climate and energy objectives, our work will always seek to demonstrate a return on any investment whether that be community benefit funds or external funding.  Officers of the Development Company seek every opportunity to apply for external funding, where possible, alongside community benefit funds to support the Community's Development Plan. 

We did apply for match funding from LCT in readiness for this post requiring additional hours to meet the plan’s climate and energy objectives, however to date these monies have not been used.

I will pop a post up that takes a look at the milestones for the Energy Officer"s role agreed with the current funder, this may be helpful.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if I can be of further help. 

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Phil Moore said:

Thanks Marion, for your comments on the Energy Survey response.

You’ve chosen not to comment on the overwhelming positive responses to the survey’s second and third questions.

Firstly that Community Benefit funds should be made available to support households improve their home energy efficiency was supported by a ratio of 33 to 1 in favour.

Secondly, that the community is very supportive of learning how reducing our carbon footprint, again by almost 10 to 1 in favour.

Should funding from LCT become available (and the community is clearly in favour) to help people who are obviously interested in pursuing energy efficiency, the number of households needing the Energy Officer's help will increase.

It’s great to see that the majority of respondents in our community have indicated a supportive interest in this. If we improve our home energy efficiency, we will use less and less of those fuels that are damaging our planet, and also save on household running costs.

Our Government funded Energy Officer’s job is to support those who want to make a difference. It only right that he’s there for those who need help to get this very important ball rolling.

Phil Moore, as Chair of Garve and District Community Energy

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Marion Taylor said:

Thank you Phil for your comments.

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