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Post in Community Care by Tina Hartley
A new community grant is available to support those residents of Gave and District who find themselves living in difficult circumstances

The Garve & District Community Support Grant

Working in partnership with Lochluichart Trust, The Garve & District Development Company offer a grant to households throughout Garve & District who currently find themselves living in difficult circumstances.  Before applying for a grant, we expect applicants to have made full use of support available from the Government; the welfare system and flexibility offered by banks and building societies.

What can the grant pay for?

The grant can be used for anything that improves access to services or improves health, well-being and education etc. Some examples are support for food costs, fuel to travel to work and take children to school and other cost of living expenses.  We are happy to consider applications for other costs on an individual, case by case basis, just let us know what you are currently struggling with.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for up to £250 in any 6-month period per household and we may telephone you to discuss your application further.
Proof of Residency

We generally know the people living in our community, but if not, we will ask for a copy of a utility bill or bank statement with your name and address on it as proof of residency.

This grant is only available to permanent residents living within the Community Council boundary of Garve and District

You can access the grant application by clicking this link  APPLY NOW   It will take you to a page that looks similiar to this post, with the same header - you will need to keep scrolling down, read the information and then get to the point of completing the questions.

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Carol Mackay said:

Hi there 

Not sure if we are entitled to this grant or not but my partner Carol Mackay who lives at fannich estate has lost her part time  job last year and this year due to covid 19. 

She worked with spa coaches and never got any furlough.

Many thanks 


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