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Zoom Coffee and Blether

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Anyone fancy a coffee, blether and maybe cake? Wouldn't it be great to meet up on zoom for a good laugh and to meet some more great people from the area.

Let me know if you are interested!

It might be zoom, but I know my day always feels easier after seeing a few smiling faces and having a few laughs. We need that now, especially through the winter.
So let's go for it! How about Tuesday 17th November at 11am?
Let me know if you can make it and I will send you an invitation by email or if a different time would be better for you Contact me here
Every single person in the district is welcome. Give it a go!  What have you got to lose? Let's keep each other going through these challenging times.
I am looking forward to it already.
P.S. bringing cake with you is optional but very, very tempting :)

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Morven MacDonald said:

No takers for this event so it  is cancelled.  If anyone is interested and would like a different day or time do let us know. It would be great to get people in touch with each other over a relaxed coffee and chat.

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