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HIE Entrepreneurial Programme: Impact 30

Post in Business and Tourism by Yvonne Boa
Fully-funded support programme for entrepreneurs, looking for people who have their eye on the future, who could utilise this support programme to make a real impact within their industry.

The Programme

The programme gives individuals access to experienced mentors and support over the space of 12 months to help you succeed and grow your business. These mentors are people who have taken the journey to create successful companies themselves and can provide invaluable guidance when it comes to maintaining growth and success

To be eligible, applicants have to meet the below criteria:

The applicant must be 35 or under.
Working in a business less than three years old.
A key decision-maker within the business.
Based in the Highlands and Islands.

There is no direct cost to the business for taking part in the programme. 

Check out our blog for more information as well as contact details.


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