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Ben Wyvis would make a fantastic tourist attraction with the development of a community cafe and ski lift

Ben Wyvis and Lift System

I have heard that there is part of a lift system on Ben Wyviis.  Could this be completed with the addition of a small cafe service at the top or at the bottom so sales and profits could go back to the community? 

What does the community think?

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Lynne Shearer said:

I would say absolutely not to this one I'm afraid. There is enough disruption through NC500 without adding to it with a ski lift and cafe on Ben Wyvis. There's only so much a small area can take - have you tried to get a walk in at Rogie Falls recently? You can't move for tourism and we don't have the infrastructure to cope with the numbers such as we've seen.

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Pamela Morrison said:

If my memory serves me right there was a proposal for a cafe included in the Village Hall  Refurbishment Plans, also toilet facilities but perhaps not for use by the general public. Are the toilets in Achnasheen still in use?

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John Forteith said:

I agree that this is an asset worth developing. But disagree with the development being a ski lift and cafe at the top. I can't see how you could make this viable in any shape or form. You just need to look to Glencoe, Nevis and Cairngorms to see how fragile these models are. And they have massive footfall in comparison.

The location needs some investment to address the capacity issues. Possibly a cafe at the base would work better. Maybe and adventure business with cafe attached. But improvements to car park and access to forest tracks would be needed.

I feel the Rogie Falls issue would potentially be helped by diluting footfall across another local attraction. But Rogie Falls needs development to address over capacity and road dangers.

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Mike Franklin said:

Whilst I, as a keen skier, would love the idea of having a small resort on my doorstep, the reality in these days of global warming is that the existing ski resorts are struggling more and more every year and, sadly, I think the idea of one on Ben Wyvis would be financial suicide. These days you would do better to have a small uplift system servicing a bunch of mountain bike trails. Before long I'd expect the Nevis Range gondola to find itself making more money doing this in summer than servicing the skiing in winter. Also even with the money we have got I think you'd find even a small lift system prohibitively expensive - we are talking in the millions of pounds here.

Please note this is my view as a memeber of the community rather than an official stance by the board.

I truly wish I could be more positive on this one!

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Sarah Bedwell said:

Have you seen the car park recently? I live directly opposite and have a nightmare trying to get out of my driveway with people parking along the verge and some even have the cheek to come down my drive and park.

We now have cones to prevent parking but that took some amount of work to get that given that the forestry,Snh and bear scotland all keep passing the responsibility to each other.

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Heather Campbell said:

I remember seeing plans for this idea back in the 80s and when plans came out they were skiing down a burn !! Idea was eventually binned  as it wasn't financially viable and very little local support. 

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Peter Bedwell said:

Ridiculous idea, highlands already at breaking point with bloody nc500, lot of investment and infrastructure for about a week or 2 of snow a year, local wind farms that bring lots of money to a small area have been opposed because of visual effects close to Ben wyvis now they want to put a big chair lift right up it! Ben wyvis already too popular for the facilities in place. 

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Joe Stewart said:

Ben Wyvis is perfect the way it is. We really need to be careful about over development of our small area we don’t have the infrastructure to cope with the amount of visitors to the area that we have seen over the last few months. Our roads are falling apart and we lack suitable parking and toilet facilities as it is!! 

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Sue Tarr said:

I'm not sure where the lift system referred to actually is? Is it on this side of the Ben?

I think with the SSSI designations on Ben Wyvis it would be very difficult to get past SNH.

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