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The first art class with Green Tree Arts Studio was a great success with lots of beautiful mandalas created! So we are offering the class again on Tuesday 20th October!

Book by Friday 16th October 

Tuesday 20th October via Zoom

Kids Age 7 - 17 yr olds - 10.15am - 11.15am

Book by clicking here or send me an email by Friday 16th October (I will be in your email address book)

To ensure we have all details in case of an emergency and in line with safeguarding practice when working online with children please provide the following when booking

  • Child/Young Person’s name
  • Parent’s/ Carers names
  • Address for duration of art session.
  • Emergency contact number for parent supervising the child/young person

Nicola of Green Tree Arts Studio is well known in the North of Scotland and highly recommended for her work with young people and adults. Click on the link to have a look at Green Tree Arts Studio facebook page and Green Tree Arts Studio Website which is currently being updated to reflect the success of adapting to online sessions and the many unexpected benefits people of all ages have found from this approach.

Apart from any basic art materials, you might want to use materials that can be easily found in the home or garden, such as recycled or natural materials, a chance to use our imagination in finding all sorts of creative materials. Nicola will happily guide you on how these materials can be used. Full details will be emailed to you directly once you have booked. 

And now to see your amazing pictures!. Click here to view the fabulous Artwork by Garve & District Young People  in the recent Get Creative project. 

Your Ideas were also amazing! We have listened. Many of you mentioned arts and crafts so we have organised these sessions! If it is well attended we will organise more. You had so many great ideas I need to do a seperate post so they are seen and appreciated by everyone.

It is wonderful that these sessions are fully funded by Lochluichart Community Trust through the Activate Garve & District Project. Please let everyone in Garve & District know this great art session is available. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Thank you.

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Morven MacDonald said:

Any last minute takers for the Art and Crafts Class tomorrow email me by 8pm tonight and I will send your zoom invitation. 

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Morven MacDonald said:

Thanks to everyone that attended that the first Art Session. I heard fantastic feedback from all 6 young folk that joined in. Mandala making was enjoyed by all, some I hear made 3 and others continued with their artwork after the session had ended. Fantastic!

Unfortunately due to internet connection problems 4 of our participants could not make the second session and some I am guessing something unavoidable came up as it sometimes does. Nicola of Green Tree Arts Studio had to abandon this session however very generously has not charged us on this occasion as it was a pilot. 

It would be great if we could do more to support residents with additional ipads or dongles etc if that might help boost connectivity. I am not at all technical or knowledgeable in these matters, however I do love to see people getting the chance and opportunities to join in, connect with others and access the same services and support as everyone else. Something for someone more technical than myself to explore as we keep progressing forwards perhaps.

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Yvonne Boa said:

Worth keeping an eye on Connecting Scotland funding for Ipads and MIFI. It has closed now, but will get in touch with them if there is a need in the area identified.

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