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A Reminder - Cleaning Equipment Available

Post in Community Care by Sheila Mitchell
In case you had forgotten, the Development Company has equipment available to help combat the spread of viral and bacterial infections by treating indoor spaces.

The Alliance Electrostatic Cleaning System is suitable for cleaning homes and businesses, and is in increasing use in public buildings across the country.

If this would be of interest to you, please contact us for more information. Our cost-effective hire agreeement is available to download below.

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John Bedwell said:

Hi Rita. There are two sets of this equipment and the nearest to you is held by John bedwell at Achnaclerach. The length of hire (and hire charge) is determined by the volume of 'cleaning product' needed for the size and type of area you need to treat and even very large areas can easily be treated (in a single application) within a couple of hours. (The application form gives details of the volume and type of cleaning product best suited to type and size of area to be treated).

We do however recognise that there needs to be some flexibility on the 'pick up' and 'drop off' times and dates (selected by the hirer on the application form) but would wish to keep these as short as possible, to ensure availability for other users in the community. So no, we do not plan to offer this equipment on a 'weekly hire' basis.

Please contact me if you require any further information or would like to book the equipment.

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Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Hello John, 
Is the equipment owned by TGDDC and is it suitable for doing deep cleans of wall / floor tiles and domestic electric ovens/

Thanks for reading Sadie

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John Bedwell said:

Hi Sadie

The equipment was bought by the TGDDC form the Covid budget (funded by the LCT), predominantly to facilitate the efficient and safe opening of our Halls / Public buildings, (which it looked like might have been possible with appropriate 'sanitation' procedures earlier this year). However, the expected announcement form the Scottish Government was clearly not possible (as we entered the 'second wave' of Covid infection), so we raised the 'hire agreement' to make the equipment more widely available to the community in the interim.

On your question about its suitability for 'deep cleaning', I would have to refer you to the 'product fact sheets' contained within the 'hire agreement, all of which work to break down fats and surface deposits as an 'aid to' normal cleaning routines, but they are not in themselves designed to replace normal cleaning practices. As you'll see in the data, they are a quick and efficient way to safely 'sanitise' any space or environment, without the need for spraying or wiping surfaces with 'toxic' bleach or chlorine based products' that might otherwise be used to kill bacteria and viruses that settle on surfaces.

The very fine electrostatically charged 'mist' that this equipment emits is non toxic but capable of working against 'airborne viruses' as well, which enhances its efficacy against the risk of infection in any treated space.

Sorry - perhaps too much detail!  Read all about it in the document attached to the hire agreement and contact me directly (my details on the front page of the Agreement) if further clarification is required.

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